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As a franchise, the Chicago Cubs won their first game in 1870 as the Chicago White Stockings. The franchise came to be known as the Cubs in 1890, and recorded their first victory with that team name in that year.

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Q: What year did the Chicago Cubs win their first game?
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When was the first and last time the Chicago Cubs won the World Series?

As of the 2008 season, the first year the Cubs won the World Series was 1907 and the last year the Cubs won the World Series was 1908.

What year did the Chicago Cubs start playing night baseball at Wrigley Field?

1988. That's why we had a celebration on the first night game's 20 annerversery.

What year did Chicago win their first world series?

The White Sox won their first World Series in 1906, beating the Cubs. The Cubs won their first the next year, 1907, by beating Detroit.

What team played the Cubs in the first scheduled night game at Wrigley Field?

Here are some opinions from our contributors:That was the Chicago White Sox on June 16, 1997 at U.S. Cellular Field. The Cubs won 8-3.Milwaukee vs Chicago cubs 6/13/97. The Brewers were an American League team at the time.

When was the Chicago Cubs first Game?

The "Chicago White Stockings" played their first game on April 29, 1870 against the St. Louis Unions. In the mid 1890's the team dropped the White Stockings name and became the "Chicago Colts". Other nicknames, "Remnants" and "Orphans" were used in the early 1900's. The "Cubs" nickname first appeared in 1902 and became the sole nickname in 1906.

What year where the Chicago Cubs formed?


Who flipped the switch to turn on the first lights at Wrigley Field?

August 8, 1988: 91 year-old Chicago Cubs fan Harry Grossman throws a switch lighting Wrigley Field for its first ever night game. Heavy thuderstorms wipe out the Cubs-Phillies game after three innings. The first official night game would be recorded the next night.

What year did the billygoat curse the cubs?

That was in 1909 and the Chicago Cubs have been over powered by the Chicago White Sox ever since.

What year Chicago Cubs given the name cubs?

The team name was generally recognized to be "Cubs" starting in 1890.

What year was the 26th World Series Game played?

1908.The 26th World Series game in MLB history was played October 11, 1908 between the Chicago Cubs and Detroit Tigers. The Cubs won 6-1.

What was the last year the Chicago Cubs were in the World Series?


Did the Chicago Cubs win the world series last year?