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Q: What year did the Charlotte Bobcats start playing?
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What year did Michael Jordan start owning the Charlotte Bobcats?

In the year 2006

What year did lakers draft Kobe?

They didn't. The Charlotte Bobcats did. But the Lakers traded Vlade Divac to the Bobcats for Kobe Bryant on Draft Night in 1996.

Who has the lowest payroll in the NBA?

The team with the lowest payroll in the NBA is year is the Charlotte Bobcats with $33,418,833

What month and year did Charlotte Bobcats Arena open?

It officially opened on October 21, 2005 for a Rolling Stones concert.

Who did the nets beat from the year 2009-2010?

Charlotte Bobcats twice, Chicago Bulls, Philadelphia 76ers, New York Knicks, and the Boston Celtics so far. 1 dolla.

What year did ian lockhart start playing basketball?

He started playing in the year of 1990

Do the bobcats eat in the spring?

Bobcats have to eat all year round, which includes the spring.

Who wears number 15 for duke?

Gerald Henderson Jr. used to wear the number 15 for duke. He was drafted overall number 12 pick for the charlotte bobcats in 2009. He skipped his senior year to enter the nba draft

Do bobcats hibernate or migrate during winter?

bobcats do not hibernate or migrate they are active all year round

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The year 1919

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Mozart starting playing the piano at age three, in the year 1759.

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Auburn started playing football in 1892.

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The Giants started playing baseball in 1883.

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