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For night games in the West during the 1950s, a yellow football was used that had a black stripe around each end. The lighting in the stadiums was nowhere as bright as it is today, and a yellow ball was much easier for players, officials and fans to see.

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Q: What year did the CFL football first have stripes?
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What is the CFL?

The CFL is the Canadian Football League. The CFL is Canada's professional football league.

Which was made first CFL or nfl?

national football league

How much do CFL players get paid?

Salaries in the Canadian Football League are much lower than those in the National Football League. CFL players make an average salary of $80,000 per year.

What is CFL football?

The Canadian Football League

Is a CFL football the same size as an NFL football?

no cfl is a wider ball but is not as long, i find it harder to throw and is just stupid

How many downs to get a first down in the CFL?

In Canadian football, a team has only three downs to make a first down.

What is NFL and cfl?

NFL stands for "National Football League," which is the professional football league in the USA. CFL stands for "Canadian Football League," which is the professional football league in Canada.

What year was the CFL made?

The CFL was officially founded in 1958. I have a relatives that play in the CFL and the NFL. As a licensed IRS tax preparer, I am providing my clients with special treats this season. If you love football and if you want to get a maximized return quickly, allow me to prepare your taxes and gain some unique access to the CFL.

What year was the first CFL game?

The Canadian Football League (CFL) was formed on January 19, 1958. It was an amalgamation between the Western Interprovincial Football Union (WIFU) and their eastern counterpart, the Interprovincial Rugby Football Union (IRFU, but better known as "the Big Four"). The Western teams were: British Columbia Lions, Edmonton Eskimos, Calgary Stampeders, Saskatchewan Roughriders and Winnipeg Blue Bombers. The Big Four teams were: Hamilton Tigercats, Toronto Argonauts, Ottawa Rough Riders and Montreal Alouettes. The first CFL game took place in Winnipeg, on August 14, 1958, between the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and the Edmonton Eskimos. For more information on the CFL, copy and paste into your browser:

When did the CFL become a league?

The CFL (Canadian Football League) was founded on January 17, 1958.

Is a CFL football bigger than a nfl football?

nfl is random

Are the size of CFL football same as NFL football?

No significant difference in size between the two.

Difference between NFL football and CFL football?

NFL is just basically the states (except when they play a game in Toronto and England) and CFL is all Canadian since it unexbanded

What does CFL stands for?

Canadian Football League

What is Canada's national football league?


What is the definition of CFL?

Canadian Football League.

Where can you find the official rules and regulations of CFL Football?

Go to or purchase the CFL Facts and Records Book.

Which started first Canadian football or American football?

The NFL started in 1920 and the Canadian Football Leauge started in 1958.

Where can you buy CFL football in US?

You can buy them online.

How many referees in a CFL football game?


In what year CFL discovered?

Ed Hammer invented CFL in 1976.

What is the length of the CFL football field?

CFL fields are 110 yards long without the end zones. With the endzones, they are 150 yards.

When was Canadian football invented?

The first documented game was played on November 9. 1861. The 1st non-university football club was formed in 1868. The forerunner to the CFL was the Canadian Rugby Football Union (CRFU) founded in 1882.

Is the Canadian football league also known as CFL?


Who buys Canadian Football League memorabilia?

CFL fans.