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The Falcons have yet to win a Super Bowl.

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Q: What year did the Atlanta Falcons win the super bowl?
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What year has the Atlanta Falcons go to the Super Bowl?


Who was the coach for Atlanta Falcons when they went to super bowl?

Dan Reeves was the coach of the 1998 Atlanta Falcons; which is still the only year the Falcons went to the Super Bowl (33) as of 2013.

What year was John Elway the Super Bowl MVP?

Super Bowl XXXIII in 1999 against the Atlanta Falcons

How many times were the Atlanta Falcons in a Super Bowl?

They have appeared in the Super Bowl only once as of the year 2010.

What year did Atlanta Falcons went to the Super Bowl?

Atlanta's only Super Bowl appearance was on January 31, 1999. The Falcons were defeated in Super Bowl XXXIII by the Denver Broncos, 34-19, in Miami's Pro Player Stadium.

Who was the starting quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons the year they went to the Super Bowl?

Chris Chandler

What year did falcons play in Super Bowl?

Tha Atlanta Falcons played in the Superbowl in 1998, losing to the Denver Broncos.

Will the Atlanta Falcons win the Super Bowl this year?

I believe that have a chance a making the playoff again this year, although the Super Bowl may be a bit out of reach.

What was the last year the Atlanta Falcons played in the Super Bowl?

The last and only time they were in the Super Bowl was in 1998 when they lost to the Denver Broncos.

Who won the Super Bowl in the year of 99?

The winner were The Denver Bronco's against The Atlanta Falcons 34-19.

Who was the quarterback for the falcons when they went to Super Bowl?

Chris Chandler was the starting QB for the Falcons the year they went to the Super Bowl (Super Bowl XXXIII). Chandler played for the Falcons between 1997-2001.

What year did the broncos beat the Falcons in the Super Bowl?


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