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Q: What year did steroids start in sports?
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Related questions

What sports are steroids banned from?

Clearly all sports. No sports allow use of steroids.

Should steroids be banned from sports?

yes steroids should be banned from sports because people who play sports work hard to get up to where they are at and if a person uses steroids and beats them that hardcore cheating right there and its not fair

Steroids can act as what?

Steroids can be harmful. They can help arthritis, but too much is harmful to your body. Illegal steroids are used in sports. They boost your muscle to make you better at sports.

Are steroids good in sports?

Steroids are not good in sports because they could harm you and are drugs. You should never use drugs.

Where do you buy steroids in new zealand?

Anabolic steroids at a sports gear shop. Other steroids by doctor's prescription.

What is sports injection?


In what sport are steroids mostly used?

I think steroids are used in most of all sports but steroids get more attention in baseball.

What sports are anabolic steroids mostly taken in?

Data on anabolic steroid use in sports is hard to come by as they are banned in most sports. But there are many different types of steroids so they are used in a broad spectrum of sports. Steroids that help with endurance can be used in sports like distance running and swimming. Steroids assoisciated with strength will be used in sports such as weightlifting and wrestling. Others are used to increase muscle size and mass, these would be used in sports like bodybuilding. So in answer to your question anabolic steroids are commonly used in many sports and are not more highly assosciated with any one sport in particular.

What footballers are on steroids?

anobolic steroids are banne from almost every organized sports league.

Is it fair to use steroids in sports?

No, it is not.

Drug use in sports?


What are the current issues in sports?


When do teens usually get involved with steroids?

i know someone who got involved freshmen year due sports and the pressure to be big from the coaches.

Was Serena Williams on steroids?

I would bet that many sports personalities are on steroids or something similar.

Why do people use steroids in sports?

Using steroids in competitions in sports is considered cheating. They use steroids to have more energy and they are super strong. All of their skills are increased. Like running, that person would be really fast and faster than before taking steroids.

Are steroids illegal in football?

Steroids are illegal in most if not all sports. They are also illegal in most countries.

Why are steroids banned from sports?

cuz its a cheat

Which drugs are most popular in sports?

One of the most popular drugs in Sports are steroids

What is the rule of Sports officiating in track and fields?

no steroids

What class of lipids are abused in certain sports?


Should steroids in sports be legalized?

No. Steroids shouldn't be legalized because they are detromental to your health and they are one of the biggest ways of cheating.

Effects of steroids in athletic in sports?

steroids could damage your heart, give you heart desease, and casue lung cancer.

How are steroids bad for you?

steroids are bad for you by when you take them while playing sports they make your heart beat faster and cause you to have a heartattack

Why do athlets use steroids?

athletes use steroids to get better at sports. Many get caught yet many still use.

Why shouldn't steroids in sports be legalized?

even though steroids make you stronger, it is an illegal drug that can make you go crazy