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In 1996

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Q: What year did shaq play in his first nba finals?
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When did shaq beat Jordan in palyoffs?

in the 1994-1995 season. In this same year shaq won the NBA scoring title and beat MJ during MJs first year back from retirement. Shaq ended up loosing to the rockets in the finals NBA finals.

What position did Shaq play for this year?

Power Forward

What year did the Canucks make their first finals?

the Vancouver canucks first made the finals in 1982.

In soccer which year did France reach the semi-finals for the first time?

In soccer which year did France reach the semi-finals for the first time?

Did Toronto Maple Leafs reach hockey finals this year?

no they did not make it to the finals, however they made it to the play off.

Who did the Magic beat to go to the NBA finals in their first year in the finals?

The Indiana Pacers

What was the first year that Essendon won an AFLVFL premiership Who did they play?

1897, and it was a round-robin finals series. Geelong Cats finished second

What year was the first monster jam world finals?


What year hosted the first NBA finals?


Which team did the Magic beat to go to the NBA finals in their first year in the finals?

In 1995, the Orlando Magic beat the Indiana Pacers to reach the NBA Finals.

Who beat the Lakers in the 1986 Western Conference Finals?

the lakers did not play that year

What year did Kobe Bryant win his first nba championship?

he won his first title with the Lakers in the 1999-2000 season with Shaq.

At what time of year does the WNBA play it's finals?

The WNBA regular season begins in May. They start training in the beginning of May and start playing soon after. They play until July, when the finals are being held.

In Magic Johnson's 13 year career how many times did he play in the finals?


Who did Andy Murray play in the Australian Open semi finals?

This year, it was Novak Djokovic.

Which NBA player has won the NBA mvp the NBA finals in the same year?

Since 1991: - Tim Duncan in 2003 - Shaq in 2000 - MJ in 1998, 1996, 1992 and 1991

What was the first year the Miami Heat made it to the NBA finals?


Who did the Miami Heat play when they won the finals?

As of this year, 2013, they played the San Antonio Spurs.

What year did the NBA finals begin?

The First BAA Finals was on 1947 by Chicago Stags 1-4 Philadelphia Warriors but The First NBA Finals was on 1950 Minneapolis Lakers 4-2 Syracuse Nationals

When was the first year the Lakers beat the Celtics in the NBA Finals?

1985. 1985 was the 9th time the Lakers and Celtics had met in the finals.

How many years did Shaquille O'Neal play in the NBA?

shaq started playing in the NBA in the 1992-1993 season so this is his 18 year in the NBA

Who was last canadian team to play for stanley cup?

The last Canadian team in the finals were the Ottawa Senators in 2007. They lost. The Vancouver Canucks are going to the finals this year (2011).

What year did the Lakers play the Pacers in the NBA Finals?

The Lakers defeated the Pacers in the 1999-2000 NBA season

What year did shaq go to lsu?


Who did the Lakers defeat in the 2003 NBA finals?

As a matter of fact the Los-Angeles Lakers did not make the finals in 2003. They lost to the San Antonio Spurs that year in the Western Conference Semifinals 4 games to 2. The same Spurs went on to win the NBA championship, after defeating the New Jersey Nets 4 games to 2 in the NBA Finals. It was considered the beginning of the end for the Lakers team that dominated the league the previous three seasons, with Shaq and Bryant leading the way for their team.