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Seabiscuit never won the Triple Crown, his nephew War Admiral won it in 1937.

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Q: What year did seabiscuit win triple crown?
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What year did seabiscuit win the triple crown?

Seabiscuit didn't win the Triple Crown

Did the horse seabiscuit win the triple crown twice?

He did win - twice

Did seabcuit win the triple crown?

No, Seabiscuit never raced in any of the Triple crown races.

What year did Sea biscuit win the triple crown?

Seabiscuit did not run in the TC as a three year old.

Which of these famous horses didn't win the Derby Gallant Fox Seabiscuit Seattle Slew Whirlaway?

Seabicuit. He did not race in the Triple Crown events. All the others you named were Triple Crown winners.

When Did Ormonde win the Triple Crown?

Not the US Triple Crown. But he did win the UK Triple Crown.

Did Seabiscuit win any triple crown races?

He did not. The first race in the Triple Crown is the Kentucky Derby. The Derby is restricted to three year olds. Seabiscuit was a late bloomer, when he was three he was lame and cranky due to overwork and excessive training. To compete at that level he would have had to be winning consistantly against some very tough competition.

What year did affirmed win the triple crown?


What year did citation win the triple crown?

In 1948.

Did Seabiscuit ever win a Triple Crown?

He did not. The Kentucky Derby is restricted to 3 year olds. Seabiscuit didn't really start winning until he was around five. As a young horse he did not show any promise as a great race horse.

What time did Secretariat win the Triple Crown?

The great Secretariat won the Triple Crown in the year 1973.

What year did Gallant Fox win the triple crown?


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