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Rugby started in the year 1156

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Q: What year did rugby start?
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What year did rugby league start?


What year and date did rugby union start?


Where did rugby start?

rugby started in Rugby in Warwickshire in the UK

When did rugby start?

1823 in Rugby England

What year was rugby invented?

1832, in Rugby England.

What year was rugby from?

1832, in Rugby School, England

When are you too old to start playing rugby?

no ones to old for rugby

What year did rugby first start?

concept concieved by accedent in 1823 by William Web Ellis and formalised in 1871

When did rugby union start?

Around the 1840's in the rugby school in England.

Who won the 2010 rugby world cup?

As you have categorised soccer and rugby it is simple - no one has won a world cup in this year as the soccer does not start until 11-6 2010 and the rugby not until June 2011 in New Zealand

When will rugby 09 come out?

EA do not currently make a game of this every year and the next assured date would be Rugby 2012!!! This is because they would release in World Cup year (2011), named after the following year, as they did with Rugby 08. There will probably be at least one before then, but there is currently no signal from EA that they will make it for 2009. Unless EA start making a rugby game every year, the next one would unfortunately be 2010.

When did the rugby union start?

In Rugby Warwickshire England in 1823. However it was not formalised as the Rugby Football Union until 1870

When did the waratahs start playing rugby?


Where did American football first start?


Does the Guinness rugby club have a women's rugby team?

Yes it does. The Saracens are the champions this year for the 4th year running

Why is rugby played in winter?

It isn't. Rugby's played all year round.

When was rugby first started and what year?

1823 in Rugby School Warwichshire England

In what year was rugby invented?


What year was rugby produced?


When do the six nations rugby championships start?

The Six Nations Rugby Championship starts on the first weekend in February each year. In 2012 the Six Nations will begin on the weekend of the 4th/5th February.

How much does it cost to start playing rugby?

it depends on your age. it can vary but from U7-U16 you can play for a club for around £100 a year

When did dan carter start rugby?

Hes reported to have started playing rugby at the age of 10 in 1992

When did Michael Jones started playing rugby?

When did Micheal Jones start playing rugby

What is a sport that start with 'U'?

under water rugby

When did Richie mccaw start rugby?

He was only 8