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Ray Lewis was drafted by the Baltimore Ravens, with the 26th pick in the 1st round, in the 1996 draft.

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Q: What year did ray Lewis enter the NFL Draft?
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The only Antoine I could find in 2014 CBS NFL Draft top 1000 prospects list is DT Antoine Lewis from Villanova. He is currently in his senior year and will most likely enter the 2014 NFL draft.

Can a freshmen enter NFL draft?

No. You have to have 2 years of college to enter the draft.

How do you enter your name in the NFL draft?

Impress NFL scouts.

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2008 nfl draft. Round 2, pick 55(overall)

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No. A player can enter free agency out of college, but limits his chances of receiving an NFL contract. The Above answer is Incorrect.A Player MUST enter the NFL draft and only becomes a free Agent if he is not drafted.

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Can you go into the NFL as a junior?

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What year did R Ray Lewis graduate college?

Ray Lewis left the University of Miami to enter the NFL draft in 1996. He was a junior when he left, only recently completing a Bachelor's Degree in Management Studies from the University of Maryland University College (UMUC) in May of 2004.

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