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Never. Philip Rivers was drafted by the New York Giants and then traded to San Diego in the infamous Philip Rivers for Eli Manning swap.

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Q: What year did phillip rivers play quarterback for Washington Redskins?
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What is the name of the quarterback that starts for the chargers?

Phillip Rivers

Who is the quarterback of the San Deigo Chargers?

Phillip Rivers.

Who is the chargers quarterback?

For the 2008 season, that is Phillip Rivers.

For what NFL team does Phillip Rivers play on?

NFL player Phillip Rivers is currently playing for the San Diego Chargers as a star quarterback. He has had many highlights since joining the team in 2004 from the draft. He has been to 4 pro bowls and was quarterback of the year in 2010.

Who is better Kyle Orton or Phillip Rivers?

Phillip Rivers way better

Top five NFL quarterback salaries?

1 Peyton Manning 15,000,000 2 Eli Manning 13,000,000 3 Phillip Rivers 12,000,000 4 Matt Ryan 10,000,000 5 Drew Brees 9,750,000

How much money does phillip rivers make?

Phillip Rivers is scheduled to make $15.3 million in 2010 he is in the 2nd year of his 6 year $96.2 million contract

Does quarterback Philip RIvers have any children?

4 kids

Which NFL quarterback did not start a game in college?

Philip Rivers?

Who is better Eli Manning or Philip rivers?

Eli Manning because he doesn't have as good weapons to throw to as Phillip Rivers does and he is more of a team leader

Who is the highest paid player in the San Diego Chargers?

Quarterback Philip Rivers Running Back/receiver Darren Sproles Running Back Mike Tolbert Running Back Ryan Matthews Wide Receiver Vincent Jackson Wide receiver Malcolm Floyd

Is Stephen rivers expected to be a great quarterback?

Yes, Stephen Rivers is expected to be the best QB since Joe Mantegna.