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Q: What year did new Wembley Stadium host its first FA Cup Final?
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What stadium will host the 2011 champions league final?

Wembley Stadium.

Which stadium will host the olympic football finals 2012?

The finals were played at Wembley Stadium.

When did wembley stage the champions league final?

Wembley will host the 56th uefa champions league final on May 28 2011

Which stadium will host the final match of the uefa-champions-league 2011 between Manchester-united football club and Barcelona football club?

90,000 seated capacity of Wembley Stadium in England.

Who is the host of the uefa champion draw 2009-10?

The final will be played at new Wembley.

Which stadium will host this year's world cup final?

Soccer City stadium, Johannesburg

Which is the largest football stadium that has every seat under cover?

Wembley Stadium in Wembley, London. With 90,000 seats the stadium has the second largest capacity in Europe. By area it is the largest roof-covered football stadium in the world. Answer valid date: 31 January 2009Answer: Wembley Stadium in the UK.Refer: Stadium is a stadium in Wembley, located in the Borough of Brent in North West London, England. It is owned by The Football Association (FA) via its subsidiary Wembley National Stadium Limited, and its primary use is for home games of the England national football team, and the main English domestic football finals. It is also used for pop concerts and other sporting events. It will host the 2011 UEFA Champions League Final. Kind Regards======

What is the most frequent sporting event in Wembley Stadium?

Football... that's what its made for and only ever host that on a regular basis

Which dome stadium was the first to host a super bowl?

The Superdome was the first domed stadium to host a Super Bowl.

When will the dallas cowboy's stadium host the ncaa championship game?

Cowboys Stadium is scheduled to host the NCAA Men's Final Four in 2014.

Which stadium will host the rwc 2011 final?

Eden Park in Auckland

Which stadium will host the 2011 cricket world cup final match?

According to Cricinfo, the final will be played at Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai, India.

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