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Q: What year did neil diamond graduate high school?
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Where did Neil Armstrong graduate from?

He graduated from Blume High School

Did Neil Diamond and Barbra Streisand attend the same high school?

Neil Diamond graduated from Lincoln High School in Brooklyn, NY in 1958.

When did Neil Diamond play to students at Secaucus High School in New Jersey?


Did Neil Diamond ever do fencing?

Yes, Neil Diamond actually had a fencing scholarship.

What high school did neil armsrong go to?

Blume High School

What high school did the singer Neil Diamond attend in Brooklyn?

He attended Erasmus High School in Flatbush and later Abraham Lincoln School in Coney Island where he graduated. Barbra Streisand also went to Erasmus at the same time.

What is neil armstrong's school called?

Neil attended Blume High school.

Did Neil Diamond ever go to school in Cheyenne Wy?

No. Brooklyn, NY.

Where does neil diamond live?

neil diamond lives in Colorado, California

What is the height of Neil Diamond?

Neil Diamond is 5' 11"

What songs are on the album The Feel Of Neil Diamond?

1. "Solitary Man" 2. "Red Rubber Ball" (Bruce Woodley, Paul Simon) 3. "La Bamba" (Traditional) 4. "Do It" 5. "Hanky Panky" (Jeff Barry, Ellie Greenwich) 6. "Monday, Monday" (John Phillips) 7. "New Orleans" (Guida) 8. "Someday Baby" 9. "I Got The Feelin', Oh No, No" 10. "I'll Come Running" 11. "Love To Love" 12. "Cherry, Cherry" It has never been released on CD

Do Neil sedaka and Neil diamond know each other?

Neil Diamond (b. 1941) and Neil Sedaka (b.1939) have known about each other for a very long time. They lived on the same street in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, and went to the same Abraham Lincoln High School. They have also performed on the same stage together.