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Q: What year did mary peters win a gold medal in penthatalon?
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How Many medal did Mary Peters win?

Mary won 1 Olympic medal ... a gold in women's pentathlon at the 1972 Games in Munich.

When did Mary Rand win the gold medal?

Gold medal for the long jump in 1964 of 6.76 meters

Mary Peters won a gold medal for Great Britain in 1972 Munich Olympics At which event?

Pentathlon. Mary was a proud member of the GB team, and an even prouder Northern Ireland girl - and all of Northern Ireland was proud of her, and still is. In 1972, when Mary won gold in Munich, there was not one regulation athletic training facility in Northern Ireland; after her success, the Mary Peters track was built in her honour. (Information provided by M. Pomeroy, from Belfast.)

What has the author Mary Peters written?

Mary Peters has written: 'Peters Palatables'

Which olympic gold medalist was name checked by Barack Obama in belfast?

I believe you are referring to Dame Mary Peters, who was a gold medal winner in the pentathlon in the 1972 Olympics. In the midst of thanking and acknowledging various people in the audience during his speech in mid-June 2013, President Obama said, "Northern Ireland is hosting the World Police and Fire Games later this year -- which Dame Mary Peters is helping to organize."

What is Mary Peters's birthday?

Mary Peters was born on July 6, 1939.

When was Mary Ann Peters born?

Mary Ann Peters was born in 1951.

Name a female british athlete who has won a gold medal?

Mary Denise Rand.

When was Mary Peters Fieser born?

Mary Peters Fieser was born on 1909-05-27.

When did Mary Peters Fieser die?

Mary Peters Fieser died on 1997-03-22.

Who won the olympic gold alaround medal in gymnastics?

in 1984-MARY LOU RETTON WON THE GOLD in women's gymnastics

What has the author Mary A Peters written?

Mary A. Peters has written: 'Permanent beauty' -- subject(s): Flower arrangement