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John Mitchell played for Bear Bryant at the University of Alabama in 1971 and 1972. Mitchell and Wilbur Jackson were the first black players to play football at Alabama. Mitchell became co-captain of the 1972 team.

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Q: What year did john mitchell play football at the university of Alabama?
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John mitchell played football at the university of Alabama?

John Mitchell was one of the first two black players to join the Alabama football team. Mitchell played in 1971 and was co-captain in 1972.

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john mitchell

Who was the first black player for Alabama unv?

John Mitchell.

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At 20 years old, John Mitchell became the youngest coach in college football at the time, as well as Alabama's first African-American assistant coach.

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john mitchell first black player AlabamaJohn Mitchell My lady lives and breathes the tide cool thing is she doesn't like me around on college Saturdays she says it's John Mitchell so....Cincy Joe SanduskyMicheal Landrum, a Sweet Water High School graduate, became the first black quarterback to play at Alabama when he entered as a reserve against Vanderbilt on Sept. 29, 1979. The Crimson Tide won 66-3.

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