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Jennie played in two Olympics, 2004 in Athens and 2008 in Beijing.

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Q: What year did jennie finch play in the olympics?
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What year did Jennie Finch win gold in the OlYmpics?

2004, near the time where she was proposed

What year did Jennie Finch graduate high school?

Jennie Finch graduated in 2002

What year did jennie finch graduate college?

Jennie Finch (Softball Player) graduated in the year of 2002 from University of Arizona.

What year did jennie finch get married?

January 15, 2005

About jennie finchs family?

Jennnie Finch has a 4 year old boy names Ace Shane Finch and A Husband

Is Jennie Finch still playing?

No...she retired more than a year ago.

What year did Jennie Finch join the US team?

She joined in 2001, she retired in 2010

How many kids does jennie finch have?

She has a 4 year old son named Ace Shane Daigle

Why did Jennie Finch retire?

Jennie has accomplished everything you can in softball. She has a four-year-old son, Ace, and her husband, Casey Daigle, is a pitcher with the Houston Astros. She's retiring from playing to have more time with her son and husband. With her playing and personal appearance requirements, it has made family-time difficult... which is important to her. Another factor that probably played into it is that softball is no longer an Olympic sport, so the motivation of playing another couple of years so that she could play in another Olympics was not there. I'm sure she will continue to be an ambassador for the sport and she probably has sponsorship deals that will continue as well.

What year were women allowed to play in the Olympics?


Who is going to play at the Olympics this year?

one direction

Did any egyptians play the Olympics?

Yes. Every year.

What year did Dwyane Wade play in his first Olympics?


What year was jennie finches son ace born?

when was jennie finches second son born

What year did Jennie McAlpine join Coronation Street?

Jennie McAlpine joined Coronation Street in 2001.

When were women allowed to play in Olympics?

They were allowed to take part in the year 1900

Who is Jennie Wade?

Mary Virginia "Jennie" Wade, a 20-year-old resident of Gettysburg, was the only civilian to die in the battle of Gettysburg. On the morning of July 3, 1863 Jennie stood in the kitchen of her sister's house kneading bread for the Union soldiers when a bullet went through the door and killed Jennie instantly. Sadly, Jennie's fiance, Jack Skelly, was wounded and died before he knew that Jennie too had died. The home where Jennie Wade died in Gettysburg, PA is now a musuem visited by thousands every year.

When is the Olympics this year?

the Olympics this year are 2010 that is when they are.

What year was Jennie Garth on Dancing with the Stars?


What year did the US mens softball team play 57 games in the Olympics?

in 1984. your welcome:-}

Who is Jennie Finch?

She's one of the best known softball players there is. She pitched for Arizona and went on to play for Team USA in the 2004 and 2008 Olympics. She was born in Tucson, Arizona, and is married with a little boy named Ace. She pitched all four years of college, and was named pitcher of the year all four years. Her record pitch is 71 mph. You really need to see her softball skills, because you'd be awed at her amount of talent. (:

Where are the Olympics going to be held next year?

There are no Olympics next year.

How many strikeouts did Jenny Finch have each year of her college career?

Jenny Finch has thrown 1,028 strikeouts!

When were the summer and winter Olympics separated?

1992 was the final year the Winter Olympics and Summer Olympics were held in the same year.

What year were the Olympics held in Atlanta GA?

1996is the year the Olympics were held