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I think it was in 1987 when the 3-point shot was introduced...

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Q: What year did high schools start using the women's basketball?
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When did womens basketball start and what made some one think about women playing basketball?

Women's basketball started in 1892, one year after the invention of the game. Senda Berenson, a physical education teacher at Smith College, amended some of the rules for women. The first game using her rules was in 1893 when a team of her freshman students played a team of her sophomore students.

When did girls start using a smaller basketball?

people thought they were weaker

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How did the name netball come?

Its called netball because the aim of the game is to put the ball in the nat, or though, it was originally called womens basketball. - the game evolved from men's basketball in around 1891. by dividing the court into thirds and using a net on a pole instead of a basket the game became known as netball.

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The game of chopsticks, also called "odeef" started in schools by people using chopsticks, in Japan, as little men. They would have them attack eachother, and the game progressed from there.

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Schools should start using filters in the near future. This will help the school cut down on any extra contaminants that may exist in the drinking water.

When did they stop using the soccerball for basketball?

They stopped using the soccer ball, and used a larger ball for basketball in 1894.

What are proper ways to use basketball equipment?

The proper way to use basketball equipment is using it to play basketball.

What is a sentence using the word basketball team?

My friends and I tried out for the basketball team.

What is a fault in basketball?

Using the term fault in basketball is the same as using the term foul. It means that you touched someone while they had the ball in their hands.

Can you give me a sentence using the word basketball?

The basketball player was very well known.

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What is a fast pass using short distances in basketball?

hi I like basketball

How does a basketball become flat?

Type your answer here... A basketball can become flat by using a tool that is part of a pumper.

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by using paint brush

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Many schools are now using iPads in schools.

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I find the test to be very easy, it has actually been proven obsolete which is why most Arizona schools are going to stop using the AIMS and start using Common Core. It really depends on how well you do in school and how much you know.

What are some ways to use math in basketball?

well in my way of using geometry is the angle of the right hand to guide the basketball and the angle of the left hand and what angle you need to thrust the basketball in, symbolizing the direction of the basketball hoop

Where did the name basketball come from?

james naismith invented basketball by using a peach basket that kids had to put a yarn ball in.

How do you measure the basketball court?

by using a tape measure

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How can you improve your non dominant for dribbling a basketball?

a great, easy and truly effective techniques is by improving your dexterity. start doing everything with your non dominate hand, whether it be: brushing your teeth, using the remote, using the computer mouse etc. once you improve you dexteri8ty you will see your handles improve.

What is using your body to shield a defender called in basketball?

A pick!