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Greenock Morton beat Glasgow Rangers in the Scottish Cup in April 1922. They won 1-0 scoring direct from a free kick in the 11th minute.

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Q: What year did greenock Morton beat Glasgow Rangers in the Scottish Cup?
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When was Greenock Morton F.C. created?

Greenock Morton F.C. was created in 1874.

What soccer team plays in blue and white hoops?

Greenock Morton, Dyce Juniors & Kilwinning Rangers (Scotland) Reading & Queens Park Rangers (England) De Graafschap (The Netherlands)

Who is Greenock Morton's all time top goalscorer?

The all-time top goalscorer of Greenock Morton is none other than Allan McGraw with 117 league goals.

Who has been Scotland's most relegated senior team?

Greenock Morton.

Who made millions sweets?

Greenock Morton Chairman Douglas Rae :)

Who has won the renfrewshire cup the most times?

Greenock Morton FC - 51

Who voted for rangers to be put in first divion?


In which division are the Scottish football team Morton current playing?

Morton plays in the Eastern division of the scottish football league and is known for its very aggressive offensive plays and for its extremely loyal fan base.

What team was beaten in the Scottish League Cup finals of 1964?

The team that was beaten in the Scottish League Cup finals of 1964 was Morton.

Which British football teams wear hooped shirts?

BLUE AND WHITE: Reading... Queen's Park Rangers... Greenock Morton GREEN AND WHITE: Yeovil Town... Celtic... RED AND WHITE: Doncaster Rovers... Hamilton Academical RED AND YELLOW: Partick Thistle BLACK AND YELLOW: Alloa Athletic BLACK AND WHITE: Darlington... Queen's Park

Who were the winners of the SFA Cup in 1922?

Morton won the Scottish Football Association Challenge Cup in 1922.

What is the biggest crowd at a Scottish cup final?

The record cup final attendance was in 1937 when 147,365 spectators, a world record for a club match at that time, saw Celtic beat Aberdeen 2-1. The largest attendance for a final and replay was in 1948 when 129,176 watched the first match between Rangers and Morton and 131,975 the replay on the Wednesday. Rangers won by a solitary goal.

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