What year did braves won world series?

Updated: 12/19/2022
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Q: What year did braves won world series?
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What is the last year the braves won a World Series before 1995?

First time as the Atlanta Braves. They won it as the Milwaukee Braves.

Have the Braves ever won a World Series?

The Braves have won three World Series in franchise history ... 1914, 1957, and 1995.

What year did the New York Yankees play the Atlanta Braves in the World Series?

The New York Yankees and the Atlanta Braves played in the 1996 and 1999 World Series. The Yankees won both series.

Who won the world's series in 1992?

The Toronto Blue jays won the world series against the Atlanta braves

Have the braves won any world series?

Yes. The Atlanta Braves franchise won three World Series Championships in nine appearances.They are the only franchise to win World Series titles in three different cities. The Braves won in 1914 (with Boston), 1957 (with Milwaukee), and in 1995 ( with Atlanta). The Braves lost in the years 1948, 1958, 1991, 1992, 1996, and 1999.

What baseball team won the world series in 1995?

the braves won

How many World Series have the Atlanta Braves won?

The Atlanta Braves franchise have won 3 World Series titles in 9 World Series appearances. Once as the Boston Brave (1914), once as the Milwaukee Braves (1957), and once in Atlanta (1995)

How many World Series has braves won?

Three (3)

Who was the catcher for the braves when they won the world series?

Javy Lopez

What was the date the Atlanta Braves won the World Series in 1995?

The Atlanta Braves won the World Series on October 28, 1995. They defeated the Cleveland Indians, four games to two.

Did the Texas Ranges win the World series championship in 1995?

The Rangers have never won a World Series. That Atlanta Braves won the Series in 1995.

Who was the catcher for the Atlanta Braves when they won the World Series?

Javy Lopez