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Was it The year 1969 That Black & Whites Come together.

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Q: What year did blacks n whites come together?
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What year did separation of blacks and whites stop?

Whites and blacks have never been seperate, not in Black nations or white ones, not in slave or free states, not in South Africa under aparthide, not under Jim Crow laws.

What year are Freedom Riders attacked in Alabama?

In the year 1963, freedom riders were attacked in Montgomery, Alabama.

What year was segregation legalized?

1896: Plessy v Ferguson That was when the courts ruled that segregation was legal, if equal accommodations were provided for both Blacks and Whites.

What year did destiny's child come together?

What year did destiny's child come together?

Did blacks and whites serve together in the first army?

If referring to the revolutionary army, the answer is yes. Both freemen and slaves served. Slaves were offered the opportunity to earn their freedom if they served for one year. Many free black men sided with the rebels against England.

What was the massive resistance of the white citizens council was the event good for the Civil Rights Movement and what was the date it occurred?

A group of people that had been helping in the segregation of the blacks and whites. Feeling sorry because of all the news articles that had been going out about what they had done. They began to support the equalization of blacks and whites. This occurred in 15 to some other year that i can't find.

What year did the first black person come to England?

I dont know but i bet it was at night when the whites was sleeping.

What year did Flyleaf come together?


Why was Dante exiled?

Dante Alighieri was exiled because he was a sort-of political leader for a family known as the whites and when the Blacks (the other political family) cam into power they saw him as a threat and exiled him within a year.

How many blacks kill blacks per year?


What year did mindless behavior come together?


What year did blacks allowed to serve in the military?

Blacks have served in the military since the American Revolution. 1948 was the year Truman removed all restrictions for blacks in the armed services