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Q: What year did bill cower play for browns?
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What team did bill cower beat in what year for his first playoff game?

bills colts browns chiefs patriots

What year did Jimm Brown play for the Cleveland Browns?

1954 to 1964.

What year did the colts play browns in an NFL preseason doubleheader?


Did Jim McMahon play for the browns?

Yes at the end of his career . Then Coach Bill Belichek signed him to be Vinnie Testaverde's back up . He saw very little action his only season with the Browns .not sure of the year ?. 91-93 seasons is close to it .

In Bill Belichick's first season as head coach what was the Browns' record?

The Browns had a 6 and 10 record under belichick his first year in Cleveland.

What year did the stloius browns and the st loius nationals play against each other?

That happened in 1944, the only year the Saint Louis Browns went to the World Series.

What team does donte stallworth play for?

the Cleveland Browns with a contract of 7 years for 35 million a year.

What year did Bill Folino play with the Packers?

he didn't

What year did Bill Walsh play in the NFL?

Bill Walsh only coached in the NFL. Never played.

What year was Jim browns rookie years?

Jim Browns rookie years was 1957

Who lost the Super Bowl for browns in 1970?

The 1970 Cleveland Bowns did not play in the Super Bowl that year. They went 7-7 and did not qualify for the playoffs.

What year did meet the browns start playing?

The series "Meet the Browns" premiered early 2009.