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They won only once in 1985 (Super Bowl XX)

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On January 26, 1986, the Chicago Bears defeated the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XX, 46-10.

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Q: What year did bears win the super bowl?
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What year did indianopilis colts win the Super Bowl?

The colts won the super bowl in 2007 against the bears 27-17

The 1985 Bears rolled to a Super Bowl win How many players were named to the pro bowl that year?


When did the Chicago bears win the super bowl?

The Chicago Bears won their only Super Bowl in 1985 (XX)

Will the bears win Super Bowl 45?


When did the bears win tthe Super Bowl?

In the eighties

In what city did the Bears win their first Super Bowl?

The Bears first and only Super Bowl victory, through Super Bowl XLII, was at the Louisiana Superdome in New Orleans.

Who do you think will make it to the super bowl this yea?

The bears and the jets, the bears will win

What Year did the chicao bears win the super bowl?

The Bears won Super Bowl XX in New Orleans in January 1986.

Will the bears will ever win a Super Bowl?

It depends who they draft

What song was used in the video recap of Super Bowl XLI?

Super Bowl Shuffle in 1985 and the Bears went on to win Super Bowl XX.

How many NFL Championships did the Bears win prior to the first Super Bowl?

The Bears won 6 NFL Championships prior to the first Super Bowl.

Who coached the bears to a win in Super Bowl xx?

Mike Ditka