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in which year did Ferdie sign Rooney

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Q: What year did alex Ferguson sign Wayne Rooney?
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When will city sign Rooney?

There is no news that Wayne Rooney is going to Manchester City at all, but if he were to go soon, the transfer window opens in January.

When did Alex Ferguson sign Ralph Milne for Man Utd. From Aberdeen?

November 1988 i believe but not from aberdeen it was Bristol city

Who sighted Cristiano Ronaldo 1st...Alex Ferguson or aresene wenger?

arsene wenger..he know about CR talent during annual Under-20 tournament in Toulon, France. arsene wenger on the way to sign CR and his mum agreed with that..but ferguson bid for more higher..

How much did Manchester United sign Roy Keane for?

Roy Keane was signed by Manchester United, after a phonecall by Alex Ferguson, made the day before Keane was due to sign for Blackburn Rovers. He signed for a then British record transfer fee of £3.75 million.

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