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1969 ONLY!!!

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Q: What year did a Chevrolet nova yenko get produced?
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What year was the Chevrolet nova first made?


In what year was the Chevrolet Suburban first produced?

The Chevrolet Suburban was first produced in 1934, but it was made for the 1935 model year. Surprisingly, the name has been in continuous use since that time.

What year make and model did Chevrolet first do a 4 in the floor transmission?

I believe it was the 64 Chevy Nova

What year did Chevrolet start making the Chevelle?

The first Chevelle was produced in 1964.

What was the first year of production for the Chevrolet Malibu?

The first Chevrolet Malibu was produced in 1964 as a subseries of the Chevrolet Chevelle. In 1978 the Chevrolet Malibu became a model on its own, replacing the Chevelle.

What year did Chevrolet come out with trucks?

The year that Chevrolet produced their first trucks was in 1918. This company has been in operation for a long time and continues to make fine trucks.

What year did Chevrolet make a aluminum block 427?

Chevy never made an aluminum block least not one widely available to the public.. i think you are confusing aluminum block for the aluminum HEAD 427 most commonly known as "yenko" motors for chevelles novas and camaros.. and actually the yenkos were not production models of general motors at all but built by yenko after they left assembly plant.

What is the displacement of the engine of the Chevrolet nova sedan that develops 120 hp of the year 1962?

194 Cubic Inches

Where can I find an Ignition wiring diagram 1965 Chevrolet Nova?

Year One in Tucker, Georgia is probably the best place. They are at or you can call at 1-800-year-one. you can also go to your local library and get a chiltons repair manual for your nova.

What was the first car made in Michigan?

In 1956, Chevrolet built a factory in Detroit. The next year the factory produced the famous Chevrolet 1957 Bel-Air

When was the first year Chevrolet made the Cavalier?

The first year Chevrolet produced the Cavalier automobile was 1982 and it ended production in 2004 (model year 2005) of this model before going through several generations nad models.

What was first year for Chevrolet 350 engine?

The 350 was first installed in the 1967 Camaro as a performance option. The rest of the car lines in Chevrolet received the engine over the next couple of years. Nova got it in 1968.