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Winning Colors won the Kentucky Derby in 1988.

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Q: What year did Winning Colors win the Kentucky Derby?
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When was the 114th Kentucky Derby held?

May 7, 1988 was the date of the 114th Kentucky Derby. It was the year in which Winning Colors [February 14,1985 - February 17, 2008] was first to cross the finish line. That made her the third and most recent filly thus far to be a Derby winner.

Who won the 2010 Kentucky Derby?

Super Saver, ridden by last year's winning jockey,

What is the name of the winner of last year's Kentucky Derby?

Mine That Bird [foaled May 10, 2006] was the winning horse in last year's Kentucky Derby. The winning date was May 2, 2009. The winning jockey was Calvin H. Borel [b. November 8, 1966]. The winning time was 2 minutes 02.66 seconds.

What mares have won the Kentucky Derby?

Technically, a mare is defined as a female horse over the age of three. A filly is a female horse three years or younger. Since the Kentucky Derby is a race for 3-year-olds only, no mare has ever won. However, three fillies have won the Kentucky Derby: Regret (1915); Genuine Risk (1980); and Winning Colors (1988).

What year did seabiscuit win the KY derby?

Seabiscuit never ran in the Kentucky Derby. The Derby is restricted to 3 year olds and the Biscuit didn't really start winning until around his 5th birthday.

In which year did the Kentucky Derby happen?

Kentucky Derby first started in 1875.

Why would this year states 136 year of Kentucky Derby?

The 2014 Kentucky Derby was the 140th running of the race.

What is the date of this year's Kentucky Derby?

May 1st is the date of the running of the 136th Kentucky Derby this year, 2010.

When did Sea biscuit win the derby and the year?

Seabiscuit never raced in the Kentucky Derby. In the year that he was a three year old, in 1936, Bold Venture won the Kentucky Derby.

What are the odds of winning the Kentucky Derby?

Each year, about 35,000 thoroughbreds are born and registered in the Jockey Club of American. Every one shares the dream of one day making it, and winning the Kentucky Derby. Out of these 35,000, only about 15,000 will make it to the track. Of those 10,000 only 20 can run in the Kentucky Derby, and out of those 20, only one horse can come out victorious. Therefore, the Kentucky Derby is one the most prestigious races in American, and with good reason, too.

What year was the 122nd Kentucky Derby run?

The 122nd Kentucky Derby was run in 1996 and won by Grindstone.

Who will win the Kentucky Derby this year?


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