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Wilma Rudolph died on November, 12, 1994!

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Q: What year did Wilma Rudolphs die?
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When and how did Wilma Rudolph's father die?

Wilma Rudolphs father died in 1961 from getting stabbed

When was Wilma rudolphs born?

Wilma Rudolph was born on June 23, 1940.

What is Wilma Rudolphs birth place?

Clarksville, Tennessee

What is Wilma rudolphs favorite subject?

cooking cookies

What was Wilma rudolphs hair color?

her hair was red

What is Wilma Rudolphs mothers name?

Blanche Rudolph

What were Wilma Rudolphs siblings named?

john johnjr johnjrjr

What was Wilma Rudolphs education?

She received a full scholarship to Tennessee state.

What was Wilma Rudolphs greatest accomplishment?

Overcomes polio considered the fastest runner in the world in the 1960s

What year did Wilma Rudolph die?


What is Wilma Rudolphs nickname?

her childhood nickname was skeeter and her ports names was the flash, the back gazelle, the tornado, the black pearl and the track star

What year did Wilma Rudolph retire?

Wilma Rudolph retired in the year 1963.

When did Wilma Neruda die?

Wilma Neruda died in 1911.

What year did Wilma Rudolf die?

1994 maybe 1995??? Hi!

When did Wilma Oram die?

Wilma Oram died on 2001-05-28.

When did Edna Wilma Simons die?

Edna Wilma Simons died in 1954.

When did Wilma Cozart Fine die?

Wilma Cozart Fine died in 2009.

When did Wilma Scott Heide die?

Wilma Scott Heide died in 1985.

When did Wilma Elizabeth McDaniel die?

Wilma Elizabeth McDaniel died in 2007.

When did Wilma Mankiller die?

Wilma Mankiller died on April 6, 2010 at the age of 64.

What was Wilma Rudolphs school name?

Elementary School: Cobb Elementary (started at age 7) High School: Burt High School College: Tennessee State University

Which reindeer is Rudolphs dad?

rudolphs dad is Justin gillette

What made Wilma Rudolph die?

Wilma Rudolph died because of brain cancer

When did Wilma Rudolph die and how?

Wilma Rudolph died November 12, 1994 of cancer.

What cancer did Wilma Rudolph die of?

Wilma Rudolph died from brain and throat cancer.