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Q: What year did Walter Lewis play quarterback at Alabama?
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Did Walter Lewis play for Alabama if so what year?


Did Larry Abney play quarterback for Alabama?


What position does Thad Lewis play?

Thad Lewis plays Quarterback for the Buffallo Bills.

What Alabama football player wore jersey number 10?

I know of at least one- Walter Lewis, quarterback from 1981-1984. Went on to play USFL for the New Jersey Generals. Steadman Shealy 1977 team and Bart Star

Who was the first African American football player at the University of Alabama?

Micheal Landrum, a Sweet Water High School graduate, became the first black quarterback to play at Alabama when he entered as a reserve against Vanderbilt on Sept. 29, 1979. The Crimson Tide won 66-3.

Who was the last starting QB to play under coach Bryant?

Walter Lewis, a junior in 1982.

What teams did bobby bowden play for?

Bobby Bowden played for Woodlawn High in High School. He played as a Quarterback at University of Alabama as a Freshman. He played as a Quarterback at Howard (now Samford) as a Sophmore-Senior

Was there ever a quarterback to play for auburn named jim bob striplin?

Yes. 1997 through 1999. 6'3 205 from Hartford Alabama. Head coaches Terry Bowden, Tommy Tubberville. Quarterback coach JimBo Fisher.

Can one person be a fullback and a quarterback?

One player could play both fullback and quarterback but not on the same play ... could play fullback one play and quarterback the next.

Who is the best quarterback to ever play for the Minnesota Vikings?

Fran Tarkenton is the best quarterback to ever play for the minnesota vikings

Who was number 17 quarterback for university of Alabama in 1961?

Scott Hunter, a junior. Hunter went on to play 7 seasons in the NFL with the Packers, Bills, Falcons, and Lions.

Who did Walter Brennan play in gun smoke?

Did Walter Brennan - play in gunsmoke