What year did Tom Brady go pro?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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Tom Brady made his NFL debut in the 2000 NFL season after being drafted by the Patriots in the 6th round of that year's draft

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Q: What year did Tom Brady go pro?
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What colllege did Tom Brady go to?

Tom Brady went to Michigan.

Did Tom Brady go to the citris bowl?

In 1998 Tom Brady led the Michigan Wolverines to the Citrus Bowl and beat Arkansas

Where did Tom Brady go to university?

The University of Michigan

Where can you write to Tom Brady?

you can go to can go to there team and email him.

List of pro football players that can throw a football longer than 80 yards?

Ben Rothlisburger Tom Brady ely manning paten manning GO STEELERS!!!!!!!!!!!

Where did Tom Brady Sr go to college?

Michigan state

What schools did Tom Brady Go to?

He went to St. Gregory's Elementary School in San Mateo, California

What round did Tom Brady go in the nfl draft?

Tom Brady was drafted by the New England Patriots in the sixth round (199th overall) of the 2000 NFL Draft.

When will Tom Brady go to freeagents?

Probably never because he loves the Patriots

Who is lebron playing for in 2012?


What year did Tom Brady last win super bowl?

His last year was his 3rd super bowl win against the Philedelphia Eagles. That was back in the 2004 season . Go Patriots !

Do you keep Tom Brady or Steven Jackson?

Tom Brady is the better choice, he led fantasy football in points last year and will have good numbers this year. The problem with Jackson is that he is currently holding out for more money and he hasn't been at training camp all summer. Not to mention negotiations haven't gone anywhere in weeks. If Steven Jackson continues to holdout he will only be forced to start playing in week 8 and by then you could already lose your league. Go with Tom Brady.