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Tiger Woods' father passed away on May 3,2006

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Q: What year did Tiger Woods dad die?
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In which year did Tiger Woods' dad die?

He died on 3rd May 2006.

What did Tiger Woods' dad die of?

Tiger Woods' dad died of cancer in 2006. He was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 1998 and although he was treated successfully for several years, the cancer returned and spread throughout his body.

When did Tiger Woods mom die?

As of the 7 of February 2010 Tiger's mom is still living. Tiger's dad passed away May 3, 2006.

Where did Tiger Woods mom die?

She didn't. Kultida Woods is still alive.

How did Tiger Woods die?

He is still alive.

When did Tiger Woods father die?

May 2006

Did Tiger Woods mum die?

No, she is still alive.

When did Tiger Woods die?

He didn't die... he just cheated on his wife though

Did Tiger Woods' dad die?

Yes, from prostate cancer on May 3, 2006. Yes and was buired at the cematery near the collage he went to Kansas State.

How did Tiger Woods' father die?

He died of prostate cancer.

When did Tiger Woods parents die?

Tiger's father died in 2008 . his mother is very much alive

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He was involved in an early morning, single car accident. He did not die, he only had minor injuries.

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