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1987 he is now a teacher at Bergenfield High School NJ

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Q: What year did Ted Romney play for the Redskins?
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Did ted Collins play for the redskins?

yes yes

What NFL team does Ted Bolser play for?

Ted Bolser plays for the Washington Redskins.

What position does Ted Bolser play?

Ted Bolser plays Tight End for the Washington Redskins.

Who was on the 1973 Washington Redskins coaching staff?

The 1973 Washington Redskins finished second in the division. The coaching staff that year was George Allen, Ted Marchibroda, Bill Austin, and Charlie Waller.

What year did ted nugent play at tiffin Ohio?

1972......maybe September

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What position does Ted Larsen play?

Ted Larsen plays Center for the Arizona Cardinals.

What NFL team does Ted Larsen play for?

Ted Larsen plays for the Arizona Cardinals.

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What year did Ted Williams get in the baseball hallof fame?

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What college did NFL player Ted Bolser play for?

NFL player Ted Bolser played for Indiana.