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He is a product of the Liverpool youth system, he joined in 1987 and later signed his first professional contract in 1997.

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Q: What year did Steven Gerrard sign with Liverpool?
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How old was Steven Gerrard when he got spotted by Liverpool?

Steven Gerrard was a 14 year old boy at that time.

What year did Steven Gerrard become the Liverpool captain?

Gerrard replaced Sami Hyypiä as Liverpool captain in October 2003.

Is Steven Gerrard going to play with Real Madrid?

No Gerrard has said he will commit to Liverpool this year. So Joe Cole joined Liverpool.

What year is steven Gerrard born?


How old is steven Gerrard this year?

30 (In the year 2011)

How often does Steven Gerrard play football?

Steven Gerrard plays football all year round, playing at Liverpool FC from September to May and on the England international team over the summer. I bet if he has any down time he is still practicing and working on his game.

Who was the last Liverpool player to win the Footballer of the Year award?

Apart from Steven Gerrard winning the award for 2008-09. The last Liverpool player to win it was John Barnes back in 1989/90.

What year did Steven Gerrard get awarded an MBE?


How many goals has steven Gerrard scored this season so far in the premiership?

Steven Gerrard has scored 4 Premier League Goals this year

How much does steven Gerrard earn per year?

10 cents a year

Who is the highest paid player in Liverpool?

According to a 2008 report, Steven Gerrard is Liverpool's best paid player, earning £6,000,000 a year ($9.6m US). Fernando Torres is second highest, with a reported wage of £5,500,000 ($8.9m).

How many trophies has Steven Gerrard won with Liverpool?

Steven Gerrard has won a slate of awards over the years. As a true legend in Liverpool and British soccer, Gerrard amassed eleven club championships. This includes the FA Cup twice, the League Cup three times, and the Community Shield twice. It also includes the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Cup, and UEFA Super Cup twice. Individually, Gerrard has won over 43 awards. Some of the prestigious accolades and achievements Steven has secured are UEFA Footballer of the Year 2005, and Goal of the Season in 2006.

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