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Gerrard replaced Sami Hyypiä as Liverpool captain in October 2003.

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Q: What year did Steven Gerrard become the Liverpool captain?
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What date did steven Gerrard become Liverpool captain?

Gerrard replaced Sami Hyypiä as Liverpool captain in October 2003.

Why did steven Gerrard become captain?

Although he is a great player, he threatened to leave Liverpool so they offered him captaincy along with a pay rise.

What inspired Lionel Messi to become a footballer?

Steven Gerrard

Why did Steven Gerrard want to become a footballer?

coz he had nothing better to do

How did steven Gerrard become famous?

Steven Gerrard has played for Liverpool since a young age and worked through the academy as he got older and broke into the first team the England coach spotted him and he was given a first team place for England and through playing for the first teams for both clubs the fame came with it.

What did steven Gerrard do to become a great soccer player?

because he takes chances and give chances

When did steven Gerrard become a footballer?

steven gerrard became a footballer when he was 5 years old not a real footballer but started practising. but i dont know when he became a real footballer maybe around 1992 from zaid

When did steven Gerrard become a football player?

Steven Gerard started practising at the age of 5 and signed in to be a footballer on the 1st August 1998 when he was around 18 from zaid

How can you meet steven Gerrard?

If you are good at football then you could get scouted for Liverpool or become a mascot for Liverpool those are the two best awnsers that i have but there is one more you keep your'e eye open in competitions. If you live in Liverpool you could go to there training ground and the players often sign autographs and pose for pictures on there way out. If you live In Liverpool, go down to formby village, he's always in costa, you'll defiantly meet him if you check there regularly

The best player for Liverpool is it Gerrard?

well i am a Chelsea fan but i reckon that Stevie g is the best player for Liverpool by far because he has been there ever since being a kid and has become one of he best midfielders in Britain!

When did Liverpool become a city?


When did Liverpool become Champions League winners?

Liverpool won it in the 2004-2005 season.

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