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Q: What year did Stephen roche win the tour de France?
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What year was tour de France held in Ireland?

One,Stephen Roche

Other than Eddy Merckx name the only other rider ever to have won the tour of Italy tour de France and world road race championships in the same year?

stephen roche Stephen Roche of Ireland was the rider other than Eddy Merckx

Who was better Stephen Roche or Sean Kelly?

they were different.. Stephen Roche accomplished what only Eddy Merckx has done before or since..the tripple crown...winning the Tour de France, the Giro d'italia, and the world championship all in the same year. Sean Kelly was a V famous and highly regarded classics rider, and won many of the famous classics races such as the Paris Roubaix which he dominated for years. He also won the green (sprinters/[points) jersey in the tour de France for 5 or 6 years..maybe more.

What year did Sean kelly win tour de France?

Sean Kelly never won the TdF ... Stephan Roche is the only Irishman to have won (along with a win in the Giro and World Championship in the same year)

What is the name of the famous cross-France bike ride held every year?

Le tour de France

In what years were the victories of Tour de France?

One cyclist wins the Tour de France every year.

What year was the very first le tour the France?

The first Tour de France took place in 1903.

What year was the first tour de France race?


How frequently is the Tour de France?

Once every year.

Has u2 performed in Paris?

yes, last year in sta de France on 360 tour, and again this year on same tour.

What year was the tour de france held in?

Apart from during the world wars, it's been held every year since 1903. This year, 2013, was the 100th time the Tour de France was held.

When will the le tour de France be on?

The next race is in 2011 (this year)