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Shaquille O'Neal was drafted by the Orlando Magic with the first overall pick in the 1992 NBA Draft.

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Q: What year did Shaquille O'Neal enter the NBA?
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What year did Shaquille O'Neal oneal enter the nba?


Who is on the cover of NBA 2k6?

Shaquille Oneal

Who was the MVP of the 2000 NBA championship?

Shaquille Oneal

Is Shaquille O'Neal Oneal on The celtics in NBA Jam?

NO UNfortunetly he is not

Who won 1999-2000 NBA MVP Award?

Shaquille Oneal

Who is the oldest 2010 NBA player?

I think it's Jason Kidd or Shaquille Oneal

Who is the all time dunk leader in the nba?

Shaquille Oneal with 4,000 dunks made..

What is the most points Shaquille O'Neal oneal has scored in an nba game?

61 pts against the Clippers

Who was the NBA leading scorers from 2000-2009?

Shaquille oneal Allen iverson Tracy mcgrady Kobe Bryant lebron James carmelo Anthony

What NBA players won an NBA championship and a gold medal?

Kobe Bryant, Kevin garnet, Tim duncan, shaquille oneal. those are playes that are currently playing. there are alot more people that are retired.

What year did Shaquille O'Neal started playing in the NBA?


Name 5 original NBA players?

1.Michael Jordan 2.Magic Johnson 3.Shaquille Oneal 4.Larry Bird 5.Kobe Bryant 1.Michael Jordan 2.Magic Johnson 3.Shaquille Oneal 4.Larry Bird 5.Kobe Bryant

What year did the Atlanta Hawks enter the NBA?

The Atlanta Hawks enter to the NBA was in 1949

Who was the first NBA player to break the rim?


Who is currently the highest paid NBA player?

Shaquile Oneal

How many points did Shaquille O'Neal score in the NBA?

Shaquille O'Neal has 28,491 points in his NBA career.

How many years did Shaquille O'Neal play in the NBA?

shaq started playing in the NBA in the 1992-1993 season so this is his 18 year in the NBA

What year did the Seattle Supersonics enter the NBA?

They entered the NBA in 1967.

How many assists has Shaquille O'neal assisted in his NBA career?

Shaquille O'neal has 2,920 assists in his NBA career.

Who had the biggest shoe size in the nba?

Shaquille O'neal Shaquille O'neal

What year did kobe enter the nba?


What year did Michael enter the NBA?


What was the first year Kobe and Shaquille O'Neal played for the lakers?

The NBA Season of 96-97.

Did Shaquille get into the NBA draft?

no he did not he did not go into nba he played in europe leauge

Is Shaquille O'Neal the oldest player in the NBA?

No ... Shaquille O'Neal is not the the oldest player to play in the NBA, Nat Hickey was at age 46 ...