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In 2005 from Sevilla.

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Q: What year did Sergio Ramos join Real Madrid?
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Will ramos go to Chelsea fc?

No Sergio Ramos will not join Chelsea, he is happy at the Spanish giants Real Madrid.

When did ronaldo join real Madrid?

Cristiano Ronaldo joined Real Madrid from Manchester United in 2009.

Hey ronaldo will you go to real Madrid?

No Mr Hey Christiano Ronaldo will not be leaving Manchester United , to join Real Madrid in the summer.

After leaving Manchester United which club did David Beckham join?

Real Madrid.

What team was robinho in before join real Madrid?

FC Santos from Brasil

Did ronaldo ever said he can leave real Madrid?

yes in the recent news there was interest shown by CR7 to join Manchester united but Real Madrid's manager cleared that he will stay

When did Raul leave Real Madrid?

On 26 June 2009, Real Madrid confirmed that Ronaldo would join the club on 1 July 2009 from Manchester United for £80 million (€94 million).

Why did ronaldo leave united?

Ronaldo left united in 2009 to join Real Madrid, his boyhood club.

What year did Jose mourinho join real Madrid?

2010. More accurately three months ago

Is hozio marinio coming to Manchester united football club?

No this may not be true , as he may join Real Madrid.

Which Spanish soccer side from man utd did David Beckham join?

David Beckham joined Real Madrid, the Spanish giants.

What year did Madrid join EU?

They never did.