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Q: What year did Seattle Slew win the Triple Crown?
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What year did seattle slew win in triple crown?

1977. When he died in 2002 he was the last living Triple Crown winner.

When did Seattle Slew win the triple crown?

1977-he is my favorite Triple Crown winner Secretariat won it 4 years previous and Affirmed won the next year

Was Seattle slew undefeated?

Seattle Slew was undefeated his 2yo season and in all three races of the Triple Crown. However, after the Triple Crown races he was in fact defeated in his next start, in the Swap Stakes. He finished a disappointing fourth, 16 lengths behind J.O Tobin who won by 8 lengths in 1:58 which was less than a half a second off the American record for the distance at that time. After his loss, rest and physical problems would sideline Seattle Slew for almost a year.

What year did seabiscuit win the triple crown?

Seabiscuit didn't win the Triple Crown

Was secretariat a three year old when won triple crown?

Yes. The Triple Crown races are for three year olds only.

What time did Secretariat win the Triple Crown?

The great Secretariat won the Triple Crown in the year 1973.

How old was secretariat when he won the triple crown?

The Triple Crown races are for three year olds only.

What year has the triple crown been wonand by what horses?

1919 Sir Barton 1930 Gallant Fox 1935 Omaha 1937 War Admiral 1941 Whirlaway 1943 Count Fleet 1946 Assault 1948 Citation 1973 Secretariat 1977 Seattle Slew 1978 Affirmed

What year did the triple crown start?


Which horse won the triple crown twice?

No horse has ever won the Triple Crown twice because they can only race in the Triple Crown races as three year olds.

What are the ages of the horses that run in the Triple Crown?

All Triple Crown races are restricted to 3 year olds only.

What year did affirmed win the triple crown?


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