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Q: What year did Scott Brosius won the World Series MVP?
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In what year did Scott Brosius win the World Series MVP?

That was the 1998 World Series when the Yankees defeated the San Diego Padres 4 games to 0.

Who won the Babe Ruth Award in 1998?

Scott Brosius of the New York YankeesThe winner of the Babe Ruth award in 1998 was Scott Brosius of the New York Yankees. The Babe Ruth Award is given to the player with the best performance in the World Series, like the World Series MVP Award but presented several weeks after the World Series is over. The award is to honor baseball legend Babe Ruth, and has been awarded every year since 1949. (with the exception of 1994 when the World Series was canceled due to the players strike.)

Who was the 2002 Nascar Busch Series Rookie of the Year?

In 2002, Scott Riggs was the Nascar Busch Series Rookie of the Year. It is now known as the Nationwide Series.

What year was the World Series canceled?

There was no World Series in 1904 and 1994.

In what year was ther no World Series?

Since the first World Series in 1903 the World Series was played every year except 1904, and 1994.

What year did Denver do to the world series?

Denver went to the WORLD SERIES in 2007

What year was the World Series cancelled?

The World Series was Cancelled in 1904, and 1994.

How many times have the rangers won the World Series?

none last year was their first year to make it to the world series

What year was the first World Series?

the first world series was in 1903. The boston red sox won the first world series.

Who won the World Series this year?

in 2009 the New York Yankees won the World Series.

What was the first year World Series game played?

The first World Series was played in 1903

What year did the Mariners win the World Series?

The Mariners have never even been to the World Series.

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