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Q: What year did Peter Schmeichel transfer to Manchester United?
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Who was the Manchester united goalkeeper in the treble?

Peter Schmeichel

Who has played for Manchester united Manchester city and Aston villa?

peter schmeichel

How many clean sheet Peter Schmeichel have for Manchester United?


What was the deal called by Alex ferguson when Peter Schmeichel joined manchester united in 1991?

Bargain of the century was the name that Alex Ferguson referred to the deal when Peter Schmeichel joined Manchester United in 1991.

Peter Schmeichel joined manchester united in 1991 so what was this deal called by Alex ferguson?

The bargain of the century was the name Alex Ferguson gave to the deal when Peter Schmeichel joined Manchester United in 1991.

Has any footballers played for Manchester United and Manchester City?

Peter Schmeichel and Dennis Law,Brian kidd Peter Beardsley carlos tev

Danes in Manchester united?

the most famous danish player to play for Manchester united is peter schmeichel (goalkeeper) regard by some as the best Manchester united goalkeeper ever and also in the world

Who did Peter schmeichel play for?

Peter Schmeichel is a retired goalkeeper from Denmark, who played for the Danish football team. He played for a number of different clubs, most notably Manchester United, and also Brondby, Aston Villa, Sporting Club de Portugal and Manchester City. He retired from playing in 2003. He has worked as a presenter and pundit on television since then.

What 3 premiership goalkeepers have scored a goal?

brad friedel, blackburn rovers. peter schmeichel, Manchester united. paul Robinson, tottenham hotspur.

What Manchester united goal keepers has Robbie Fowler scored against?

He has definitely scored against Peter Schmeichel and Edwin van der Sar

Who was united keeper before schmeichel?

uniteds keeper was les sealey before peter schmeichel

What is the Nationality of Man United Peter Schmeichel?

The Nationality of Man United's Mike Phelan is England.