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The Predators first season in the NHL was 1998-99.

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The Tampa Bay Lightning began play in the 1992-93 season.

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The Nashville Predators formed in 1997

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Q: What year did Nashville join the NHL?
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What NHL team plays in Nashville?

Nashville Predators

What year did the San Jose sharks join the nhl?

in the 1991

In what year did The Chicago Blackhawks join the NHL?

7,479 b.C

What year did the Calgary Flames join the NHL?

the Calgary flames joined the nhl as the atlanta flames in 1972

What sports team play in Nashville?

Nashville Predators(NHL)

What are the NHL teams in Tennessee?

There is one NHL team in Tennessee; the Nashville Predators.

Where did the Nashville NHL team transfer from?

The Nashville Predators were added as an expansion team in 1998.

How many NHL teams in 1996?

26. The remaining 4, the Minnesota Wild, Columbus Blue Jackets, Nashville Predators and Atlanta Thrashers would join in 2000, bringing the NHL to it's current state of 30 teams.

What year did Teemu Selanne join the NHL?

1st round 10th overall in 1988

Where do NHL teams stay when they're in Nashville?

It varies from team to team. However, most NHL teams stay at the Hilton Nashville Downtown, located across 5th Avenue South from the Nashville Arena.

What did Calgary flames join NHL?

If you mean "When did the Calgary Flames join the NHL?" then they joined in 1980

Who is the 2009 rookie of the year in the NHL?

The NHL 2009 Calder Memorial Winner (Which goes to the player who performs the best in his first season of play in the NHL) was Steve Mason of the Nashville Predators... The Runner up was Bobby Ryan of the Anaheim Ducks