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Q: What year did NFL teams begin wearing numbered jerseys?
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Can both teams wear their home jerseys during the same contest in an NCAA football game?

Yes, both teams can wear their home uniforms during a game. As long as they are contrasting colors. For example- the University of Oklahoma Sooners' home jerseys are crimson. If and when they play a team whose home jerseys are white, then both teams would be wearing their home jerseys. Oklahoma wearing their home red and the other team wearing their home white. Oklahoma couldn't wear their away jersey's because then both teams would be wearing white.

What colors will the super bowl 2014 teams be wearing?

The home team the Broncos will be wearing orange uniforms. The Seahawks will be wearing white jerseys and gray pants.

Where do the NFL teams get their jerseys?

Reebok makes the NFL Jerseys for NFL Teams.

Why do the Chicago Blackhawks wear their colored jerseys at home and their white jerseys on the road?

After the NHL lockout all teams switched to wearing their dark colors at home and white on the road.

When did numbers start on baseball jerseys?

The New York Yankees began wearing jersey numbers in 1929 and the rest of the American League teams began in 1931. National League teams started wearing jersey numbers in 1932.

What basketball teams has stars on their jerseys?

THE HARLEM GLOBETROTTERS have stars on their jerseys

What do the C emblems on many NFL player's jerseys designate?

"C" stands for Captain.....however, not all teams captains are wearing C's on their jerseys......this is new and some of the teams aren't up to speed and some teams choose not to use this system because they have different captains throughout the year. Tammy D.

What NFL teams have black on there jerseys?


What teams had the best NFL jerseys?


Why do NFL teams wear old jerseys?

Because owners want to sell more jerseys.

Why do the Boston Red Sox wear blue jerseys?

Most baseball teams today wear different combinations. The Red Sox have white jerseys, gray jerseys, blue jerseys and red jerseys (which they usually wear on Sundays and afternoons). Many teams have multiple cap styles, too.

What are the colors of the Super Bowl teams uniforms?

The "HOME" team gets to pick whether to wear color or white jerseys for their Superbowl. AFC teams are "HOME" for even numbered Superbowls, with the NFC "HOME" for the odd numbered ones. Most of the time, the home team picks the colored jersey. For example, the Superbowl presently going to be played Feb 1, 2009 is Superbowl 43 (XLIII)- an odd number, making the NFC's Arizona Cardinals the "HOME" team. They will likely pick their red jerseys. If they do, then Pittsburgh will wear their white jerseys.

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