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Q: What year did NFL first require players to wear their last name on their jerseys?
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Why do baseball players wear numbers on their jerseys?

Baseball players wear numbers on their jerseys so they can be identified.At all levels of baseball, players have numbers on their jerseys so fans, sports reporter and baseball officials can see who they are by the number they wear. Many MLB teams also have their last names on their jerseys as well, but not, for example the NY Yankees.

Why don't the New York Yankees have their last names on their jerseys?

It is tradition for them to not wear their names on the backs of their jerseys.

Why do some Major League Baseball jerseys have no last names?

some MLB jerseys have no last name because they want it to look like it is retro

Who were the first and last Stanford players to score a touchdown in the Super Bowl?

Last was Elway

Why did the jerseys of the Colombian women's soccer team have their first names instead of usual last name?

because they're cool like that

How long will the spanish NBA jerseys last?

Not very long!

Can you name fiftenn Rangers players with U in their first and last names?


Why do Japanese players have their first name on the jerseys?

The Japanese Say their last names first when introducing themselves for respect. Say ur name is John Smith. when you introduce yourself to a Japanese person, you will say "Hi, my name is Smith John"so if u were a Japanese soccer player, your jersey would say John on it.

What were the first and last players from Michigan to score a Super Bowl touchdown?


Can you Name players who have played for Glasgowrangers and have the letter you in their first and last names?

no sorry xx

Are there any baseball players first and last names that start with B?

billy bruton

Where can I buy NFL jerseys with the C patch on it?

at famous footwear! Got them last week

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