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He first retired in 1993 (following the murder of his father) to try his hand at baseball and his number 23 jersey was retired by the Chicago Bulls at this time.

After a brief stint in the Chicago White Sox farm system, he returned to basketball midway through the 1994-95 season and wore his baseball number (45) until game 2 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals, when he returned to the number 23 that had served him so well. This marked the first and only time in the NBA that a number was reissued after being retired. He went on to win three more championships with the Bulls (95-96, 96-97, and 97-98) before retiring again in 1999.

In early 2000, Jordan became President of Basketball Operations for the Washington Wizards and despite his assertion that he would never play another NBA game, he returned to the court with the Wizards - again in his iconic number 23 - for the 2001-02 and 2002-03 seasons. He retired for (presumably) the final time in April 2003.

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Julius Erving a/k/a Dr. J retired after the 1987 season.

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he ritired in 1987

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Q: What year did Micheal Jordan a basketball player retire?
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When did Michael Jordan retire for life?

Micheal Jordan played his final NBA game on April 16, 2003 and then retired for good.

What year did Michael Jordan retire from baseball?

Michael Jordon retired from baseball in 1994 to return to his basketball career.

What rookie NBA player said Michael Jordan was to old he need to retire?

no that was a seriously lie he just wanted to retire

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You have to beat my player and retire as the best basketball player that ever played

How many times did Micheal Jordan retire on the bulls team?

twice wanted to try playing baseball but wasnt that good as he thought he was so he went back to the NBA.

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Did yao ming retire from basketball?

In 2011, Yao Ming announced his retirement from professional basketball.

Did Micheal jorden retire from basketball?

Michael Jordan retired 3 times from basketball.First he retired in 1994 for the Chicago Bulls because of the death of his dad. He played baseball for a few years and then came back to basketball. He wore the number 45 because he did not want to wear the same number his dad saw him wear the last time his dad was alive.He then retired in 1998 from the Chicago Bulls because he felt he was getting old and he had already won 6 championships.Jordan came back to basketball because he loved playing the game. He played for the Washington Wizards but then retired in 2003 because he thought it was finally time to give it up.So techincally Jordan retired from basketball in 2003.

When do basketball players retire?

There is no set age for when basketball players retire. Some retire early due to injuries. Players generally retire, however, when they are about 35. When they are far past their prime and injuries plague their play, players are bound to retire.

What team did Jordan retire?

the chigago bulls

When did Michael Jorden retire from basketball?


Did Michael Jordan retire from the Chicago Bulls?