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June 14, 1998

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Q: What year did Michael Jordan retire from the bulls for good?
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Why did Michael Jordan retire for good?

because he's old and has nothin in him

What did Michael Jordan wear under his Chicago Bulls uniform for good luck?

a pair of his UNC shorts

When did Michael Jordan retire for life?

Micheal Jordan played his final NBA game on April 16, 2003 and then retired for good.

Why did Michael Jordan reture to the NBA?

He realized the gift that he had been given.

How many times did Micheal Jordan retire on the bulls team?

twice wanted to try playing baseball but wasnt that good as he thought he was so he went back to the NBA.

How much is a Michael Jordan 96 bulls victory card worth?

It is worth anywhere between 1200 to 1500 easily it is verry rare and it can be worth more if in good condition

Who are good idols?

michael jordan

Is Michael Jordan smart?

That would be a choice of opinion. Many think that Michael Jordan is a good basketball player, while many think that he is not.See the Related Links below for a link to Michael Jordan's career stats. There you can determine if he is good or not.

What were Michael Jordan grades in college?


Was Michael Jordan any good?

Michael Jordan is considered one of the best NBA players of all time and by many the best. Jordan led the Chicago Bulls to six of their only championship's. He was the Finals MVP in all of the six champion teams. Besides that, Jordan also lead North Carolina to a NCAA championship and the United States Dream Team to a first place in the 1992 World Olympics.

Is Michael a good name?

Yes, Michael is a very good name. There are many famous people with the name Michael such as Michael Jordan and Michael Jackson.

How is Michael Jordan so good?

because he has talents