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Michael Jordon never coached the Wizards, he played for them from 2001-2003. and was part owner and President of Basketball Operations (from 2000-2003)

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Q: What year did Michael Jordan coachthe wizards?
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Did Michael Jordan start his first year on the Bulls?

Yes Michael Jordan was on all 6 championship rosters (and was MVP every time)

What year did Michael Jordan join the magics?

Michael Jordan never played for the Magics. He played for the Bulls (1985 to 1998) and then played for the Wizards (2002 to 2004).

What was Michael Jordans contract signing from his first time with the bulls to his final retirement with the wizards?

What was Michael Jordan's NBA contract signing from his 1st year with the Bulls to his retirement with the wizards

What year did Michael Jordan go to the Wizards?

Jordan played for 2 years on the Wizards and 12 years on the Bulls

How many playoff games has Michael Jordan played?

1984-2003 which is a total of 19 years.(OVERALL)

What Year was the first time Michael Jordan Retired?

Michael Jordan retired in 1993. He returned to the NBA and the Chicago Bulls in 1995. He retired again in 1999. He returned again in 2001 to the Washington Wizards. He retired for the final time April of 2003.

How much did Michael Jordan make while playing basketball with the wizards?

From 2001-2003 he gained 2.03 million dollars.

Who fired Michael Jordan?

No one fired Michael Jordan. He retired from playing basketball in the year 1998.

How tall was Michael Jordan when he was 16 year old?

michael jordan at 16 was about 6'3 - 6'4

What was Michael Jordan's biggest one year contract?

How much did the Chicago Bulls pay Michael jordan in 1998 for his last year of service ?

What year did Michael Jordan get to the NBA?


What was Michael Jordan's salary in the NBA?

Playing for the Chicago Bulls, Michael Jordan earned about $3.25 million a year.