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Q: What year did Marion Peterson jr play for raiders?
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What year did the raiders join the AFL?

The Raiders were a charter member of the AFL, beginning play in 1960.

What year did Tim Savoy play for the Oakland Raiders?


What year did Archie Carter play for the Oakland Raiders?


What channel does the raiders play the chargers on New Year's Day?

On the football channel.

What year did the Oakland Raiders play Philadelphia Eagles in super bowl XV?


What was the first year the raiders played football?

The Raiders were a charter member of the American Football League, which began play in 1960. They joined the NFL when the two leagues merged in 1970.

Who is better Reggie Bush or Adrian Peterson?

If you look at the total yardage per year, Adrian Peterson wins.

What position did Jerry Rice play for the raiders?

Jerry Rice did play for the Oakland Raiders in Super Bowl XXXVII.Rice played for the Oakland Raiders from 2001-2004. He was traded to the Seattle Seahawks in 2004. He was an instrumental part of the 2002 Raiders offense, catching 83 passes for 1,139 yards and nine touchdowns. The Raiders made it to the Super Bowl that year, but were beaten soundly by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 48-21.

What year did Howie Long play for dallas cowboys?

Hall of Fame defensive lineman Howie Long played his entire career with the Raiders.

Who are better Ravens or Raiders?

The Ravens have consistently beaten the Raiders throughout their 17 year history.

What year did Mundy Peterson vote?


Will Adrian Peterson be the rookie of the year?

already won rookie of the year