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Liverpool lat won the premiere league in 1990.

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Q: What year did Liverpool last win the premier league?
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What year will Liverpool fc win the premier league?


Will liverpool's first game of 2012-13 premier league be at anfield?

no, i don't think so because last year it was at Anfield and same as the year before that.

Which premier league club has many trophies?

Manchester United is the tran with the most premiere league titles with19. The surpassed Liverpool last year to set the record.

Is Liverpool football club the most supported team in the premier league?

Realistically, Manchester United probably has more fans, being that they won the premier league last year and everyone loves to hop on the band wagon.

What were the English Premier League winner of 1979?

The Liverpool club were the EPL winners of the year 1979.

What team won the English Premier League in 1978?

The Liverpool club were the EPL winners of the year 1978.

Which football club won the premier league in 1996?

Manchester United won the Premier League in 1996. They moved on to take the FA Cup in their game against Liverpool the same year.

How many brothers played in the premier league last year?

Last year two sets of brothers played in the premier league on set of them is Rio Ferdinand and his brother Anton Ferdinand the the other set of brothers that played in the premier league last year are the Nevilles Gary Neville and his brother Phil Neville.

What year did liverpool football club last win the league?


Can Liverpool win League?

No Liverpool can not win the Champion league this year as they have failed to qualify this year. Last year they came seventh in the E.P.L and top four only qualify.

What team won the football premier league last year?


Who is previous premier league title?

Last year it was won by Chelsea.

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