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Q: What year did Koba Bryant Allen Iverson enter the NBA?
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When was Koba Kobaladze born?

Koba Kobaladze was born in 1969.

When was Koba Jass born?

Koba Jass was born in 1990.

When did Władysław Koba die?

Władysław Koba died in 1949.

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When was Takeshi Koba born?

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Who is the hightest points scorer in NBA history?

It between Mohamed Mohamed that scored 560 points and koba Bryant and lerborn scoreing higther than 600 points

When was Koba Subeliani born?

Koba Subeliani was born on 1979-10-03.

When was Koba Shalamberidze born?

Koba Shalamberidze was born on 1984-10-15.

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Koba Gogoladze was born on 1972-01-07.