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Q: What year did Kevin durant start playing for the nba?
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How much does Kevin durant get paid a year?

Kevin Durant makes 175,000,0000

How long did Kevin Durant go to the university of Texas?

Kevin Durant went to the University of Texas for one year

What year was Kevin durant the nba rookie of the year?

Kevin Durant went second overall in the 2007 NBA Draft, and was named the NBA Rookie of the Year for the 2007 - 2008 season.

Did Kevin durant get a rookie of the year award?


Who was the basketball rookie of the year in 2007?

Kevin Durant was the 2007 rookie of the year.

Who is best basketball player in the world this year?

Kevin durant

Who has the most ppg in the nba playoffs this year?

Kevin durant

Who was 2008 NBA rookie of the year?

Kevin Durant of the Sonics

When does Kevin durant's contract expire?

On July 7, 2010, Durant signed a 5-year extension with the Thunder.

When does kevin Durant's contract expire?

On July 7, 2010, Durant signed a 5-year extension with the Thunder.

Is Kevin Durant in college hoops?

Durant plays for the NBA's Oklahoma City Thunder right now, but he did spend a year at Texas.

Who won the scoring title in the NBA last year?

Kevin Durant - 30.1

What high school did Kevin durant attend?

Durant spent 2 years at National Christian Academy, 1 year at Oak Hill Academy, and his senior year at Montrose Christian School.

Will Kevin Durant Win MVP this year?

Durant has not yet won an NBA MVP award since he entered the league. He has a chance in the 2011-12 season if there is one.

Who make the most points in the nba?

Kevin Durant. He made the most points last year and he is making the most points this year.

Where did Kevin Durant go to highschool?

2 years- National Christian Academy1 year- Oak Hill Academy1 year- Montrose Christian School

How tall was Kevin Durant in high school?

He was 6'2 as a freshman by junior year he was 6'7 and senior year grew 2 more inches and is 6'9.

Does Kevin Durant have children?

Yeah a 4 year old son that was just found out about a week ago. I believe his name is James

What is Kevin Durant's salary?

2010 Kevin Durant's Salary: $4,796,880But he should be earning much more taking into account that he is averaging almost 30ppg. Kevin Durant, the reigning NBA scoring leader, said via Twitter he agreed to a five-year contract extension with Oklahoma City. His spokeswoman said he will receive the maximum deal possible, $85 million over five years.

How tall was Kevin Durant at age 18?

Kevin Durant started high school at 6'1 , and between his freshman and sophomore years he shot up six inches, making him 6'7 by the end of his sophomore year. He reached his final height of 6'9 during his junior year (16-17 years old), so at age 18 he was the height he is now, 6'9!

Is kevindurant better than Dwayne wade?

Kevin Durant is better than Dwayne Wade at this point in his career. Last year, before the Heat lost to the Mavericks in the Finals, Dwayne Wade was widely considered to be the 2nd best in the league, next to LeBron. However, after Durant won his 3rd scoring title, after he made it to the playoffs, his evolution into a more rounded player, and Dwayne Wade's inevitable decline, Kevin Durant has overtaken Wade as the 2nd best in the league, next to LeBron, who by the way, is practically UNTOUCHABLE at this point. He is playing on a level NEVER seen before. Even Jordan, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and Wilt Chamberlain have not dominated the league like this. LeBron is now averaging 28 ppg while shooting over 60% from the field. This has NEVER been done before. Kevin Durant will not surpass LeBron at this point in time, with LeBron is playing like he is now, barring injury, of course. But, Durant can get injured a lot easier than LeBron can...

Who wins for this year NBA all-star game?

West 152 East 149 Kevin Durant MVP LeBron should've got MVP

What did Kevin durant major in college?

He majored in Education, but only stayed in college for one year before beginning his professional career by declaring the the NBC draft.

What is Kevin Durant shoe size?

Kevin Durant, a professional basketball player for the NBA's Oklahoma City Thunder, stated in a Twitter Q&A that he wears size 17 shoes. The NBA superstar is just beginning his first year of his new sponsorship contract with Nike that will pay him between 265 and 285 million dollars over the next ten years.

What year did ian lockhart start playing basketball?

He started playing in the year of 1990