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1983 Season for Super Bowl XVIII

the date of Super Bowl XVIII was January 22, 1984, and was the last Super Bowl for the Raiders, who were named the Los Angeles Raiders at the time. The Oakland Raiders won SB XV and SB XI but lost SB II

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John Madden was linebacker coach for the Raiders between 1967-1968 and head coach between 1969-1978.

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Q: What year did John Madden win the Super Bowl with the Raiders?
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Who coached the Raiders to victory in Super Bowl XI 1977?

John Madden

Who was the head coach of the Oakland Raiders in super bowl XI?

John Madden.

What team did John Madden win the super bowl wit as a coach?

Oakland Raiders.

How many Super Bowls were won under John Madden?

Madden was head coach for one Super Bowl victory, that being Super Bowl XI when the Oakland Raiders defeated the Minnesota Vikings, 32-14.

Who was the coach of the raiders when they won their three Super Bowls?

John Madden - Super Bowl XI Tom Flores - Super Bowls XV and XVIII

Who was the head coach for the raiders when they won the supperbowl?

John Madden in Super Bowl XI and Tom Flores in Super Bowls XV and XVIII.

What super bowl coach coached under John Madden?

His successor, Tom Flores, who won Super Bowls XV and XVII with the Raiders.

Who formed the Super Bowl?

john madden

How many super bowls john madden coached?

2 ... 1 as a head coach and 1 as an assistant coach. He was head coach of the Oakland Raiders that defeated the Minnesota Vikings in Super Bowl XI and linebackers coach for the Raiders that lost to the Green Bay Packers in Super Bowl II.

Has John Madden ever won a Super Bowl?

Yes January 9th 1977 - Pasadena ca Rose Bowl - Oakland Raiders 32 - Minnesota Vikings 14 John Maddens 1st & Only Super Bowl Game & Win John Madden Was Head Coach From 1969 To 1979 The teams 6th Head Coach & 1 of the Teams Most Succesful

Who was Raiders coach on their first Super Bowl?

John Rauch

Who were the coaches when the raiders won the Super Bowl?

The head coaches and results of the five Super Bowls involving the Oakland/Los Angeles Raiders are as follows (victories in bold):Super Bowl II (John Rauch) -- Green Bay Packers 33, Oakland 14.Super Bowl XI (John Madden) -- Oakland 32, Minnesota Vikings 14.Super Bowl XV (Tom Flores) -- Oakland 27, Philadelphia Eagles 10.Super Bowl XVIII (Tom Flores) -- Los Angeles Raiders 38, Washington Redskins 9.Super Bowl XXXVII (Bill Callahan) -- Tampa Bay Buccaneers 48, Oakland 21.