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1972 ... he did not qualify for the finals of the 1500 meter run.

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Q: What year did Jim Ryan run in the Olympics in munich Germany?
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What year were the Munich Olympics?


What year were the Olympics held in Germany?

Summer: 1936 in Berlin, 1972 in Munich Winter: 1936 in Garmisch-Partenkirchen

What year did Munich hold the Olympics?


What year were eleven israeli athelets killed?

That sounds like the 1972 Olympics at Munich. That sounds like the 1972 Olympics at Munich.

What year did the Munich massacre happen?

The Munich Massacre occurred during the 1972 Summer Olympics.

What year were terrorists an issue?

That was the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich.

Where did Willy Messerschmitt die?

In Munich, Germany in the year 1978

What year did Olga Korbut win the gold medal at the Olympics?


What year did Shane gould win three gold medals at the munich Olympics?


Which city hosted olympiad XX and what was the year?

Summer Olympics XX were held in 1972 in Munich, Germany. The games were marred by the killing of eleven Israeli athletes by Palestinian militants.

Who was in charge of the 1936 Olympics?

Hitler-Germany hosted that year

When was the first year basketball was in the Olympics?

Basketball's first appearance at the Olympics was the 1936 Games in Berlin, Germany.

When will Geramny hold the next Olympics?

There are currenty no plans to hold the Olympics in Germany. next year it will be in London, then the winter Olympics in Germany then Rio de janeiro. The Olympic comittee will decide from there on.

Which country is favored to win luge at the Winter Olympics this year?


What year did Nevil Chamberlain met Hitler To avoid war?

Late September, 1939, in Munich, Germany.

What year did Germany first compete in the Olympics?

Germany's first participation in the Modern Olympics was at the 1896 Games in Athens. German athletes won 13 medals at those games.

In which year was the Olympic Games held in Berlin?

In 1936, the Summer Olympics were held in Berlin, Germany.

Who is Dorothea Cancilla?

Dorothea Cancilla is a 86 year old lady who came from Munich, Germany, had 4 kids, with 3 surviving.

What year was Himmler born?

Nazi Party member, Heinrich Himmler, was born in Munich, Germany on October 7, 1900. He died in Luneburg, Germany on May 23, 1945.

What year did archery return to the Olympics as a gold metal game?

Archery returned at the 1972 Summer Games in Munich after not being an Olympic sport for 52 years.

What year was heinrich himmler born?

Nazi Party member, Heinrich Himmler, was born in Munich, Germany on October 7, 1900. He died in Luneburg, Germany on May 23, 1945.

When is the Olympics this year?

the Olympics this year are 2010 that is when they are.

How many Germany athletes are completing in the Olympics this year?

436 athletes. A total Olympic delegation of 750.

Which year was the Munich desaster?


Which city hosted the olimpiad XX?

The Games of the XX Olympiad took place in the summer of 1972. The games were hosted that year in Munich, West Germany.