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Q: What year did James Trivette play football with Dallas Cowboys?
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What English football team does lebron James support?

The Dallas Cowboys

What is James Hanna's number on the Dallas Cowboys?

James Hanna is number 84 on the Dallas Cowboys.

What is LeBron James favorite NFL team?

Dallas Cowboys

What NFL team does James Hanna play for?

James Hanna plays for the Dallas Cowboys.

What position does James Hanna play?

James Hanna plays Tight End for the Dallas Cowboys.

Dallas Cowboys former players rouster for 1980's James dickerson?

There is no record of anyone by that name ever playing for the Cowboys; the 2008 official Dallas Cowboys media guide does not include him on the all-time roster. ---- There was an Anthony Dickerson that played linebacker for the Cowboys between 1980-1984.

Who did Clarence Gilyard Jr play on the TV show 'Walker Texas Ranger'?

James Trivette (but usually referred to as Jimmy)

When was the last time the Buccaneers beat the Cowboys?

The Dallas Cowboys and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers played the season opener for both teams on September 13, 2009 at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa. The Cowboys won, 34-21, spearheaded by quarterback Tony Romo's personal passing high of 353 yards. He also threw for three touchdowns, including an 80-yard TD pass to wide receiver Patrick Crayton. During Week 3 of the 2012 NFL season, Tampa Bay will play Dallas at Cowboys Stadium.

What nicknames does James Lee Dallas go by?

James Lee Dallas goes by Dallas.

How tall is Dallas James?

Dallas James is 5' 7".

When was James Lee Dallas born?

James Lee Dallas was born on February 7, 1975.

What movie and television projects has Bradie James been in?

James Brady has: Played Aide to Lyndon B. Johnson in "The Right Stuff" in 1983. Played 1st Tour Guide in "Howard the Duck" in 1986. Played Bicyclist in "Nine Months" in 1995. Played Dante Rollins in "Nash Bridges" in 1996. Played Steve in "Nash Bridges" in 1996. Played Locksmith Cab Driver in "Just One Night" in 2000.